Weddings & Engagements

All wedding packages include:

Complimentary Engagement Session
Custom Designed USB Flash Drive & Box with Full Resolution Images
Online Viewing Gallery with downloadable full resolution images
2 Photographers
Photo Print Release
Print Credit

*A 50% retainer fee is due upon booking

*Estimated photo delivery count also includes your engagement photos as well


Webster’s dictionary defines wedding as “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.” Well, you know something? I think you guys are two medals. Gold medals.
— Michael Scott (The Office)

"Accio" Package

"Accio" is a summoning charm used in the wizarding world

My smallest package yet! If you're looking for minimal coverage or simply just want specific moments captured, this is the package to choose.

When it comes to weddings, I believe if you ask for what you want, you will get what you want. 


4 hours of wedding coverage
~100-200 photos

$15 print credit



"Incendio" package

"Incendio" is a spell that produces fire

Looking for just a little more coverage on your special day? Those 2 additional hours can go a long way. 


6 hours of wedding coverage
~200-400 photos

$25 print credit




"Puriculum" is a charm that shoots red sparks/flares out of one's wand"

My most common package yet. I'd say 8 hours of photographic coverage meets all expectations. 

It really allows the photographers and the clients to feel at ease knowing your time with us won't feel rushed. And well, you never want to have to worry about missing a moment, right?


8 hours of wedding coverage
~600-800 photos
$40 print credit



"Riddikulus" Package

"Riddikulus" is a charm used against Bogarts to change their image as pleased

This package pretty much is "ridiculous". A whole day of photographic coverage? Who wouldn't want to have that much coverage!

This package is definitely a go to if you really want a worry free day. It's pretty much impossible to even miss a moment. However, can't say that every wedding has gone flawlessly... 

Says the former bride who had a few things go wrong at her wedding


10 hours of coverage
~800-1000 photos
$50 print credit

Love and marriage is when two people say to one another ‘I love you because I love you, and I know this is gonna be one heck of a ride, but I don’t want to do it unless I can do it with you.’”

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need the engagement session?

No, you don't need it! I offer this because I like to have my clients be able to get comfortable with me before your big day! Plus these photos are great to use for Save the Dates!

You're able to swap out this session for one of the following:
boudoir session
family session

Edit-0145 copy.jpg

Do you have insurance?

Of course! If your venue needs a copy of my insurance, let me know!


Do you travel?

Of course! I am willing to travel anywhere!

I love to see the world and would be honored to go places with you to capture the most beautiful memories of your wedding day.

I'm based out of Connecticut, but have traveled throughout all of New England for weddings & engagement sessions!

Contact me to inquire more about travel fees/pricing.


How do you accept payment?

I accept payment primarily through PayPal! However, I accept payment through Venmo, Google Pay, and of course with cash or check! Further details regarding your payment will be laid out in the contract & invoice I send!

Payment plans are available as well! I was a bride myself once. I get it. I know how costly this can be. I want my clients to be able to pay for great photos without worrying about the cost up front!


What is your style?

Honestly, I would consider my work as natural & documentary. You'll see a lot of black and white edits, candids full of emotion, and most importantly... memories that will last forever.

The way I edit also shows how much I love to keep what I'm capturing as natural as possible as if you're seeing them with your naked eye. With a bit of a twist!


Can we set up a meeting with you?

Of course you may! I'm always willing to meet up in person with my potential clients. If schedules conflict too, I am available through FaceTime or Skype!


Will you provide us with a timeline of how our wedding day will play out?

Yes! From the minute you book with me, we'll be a team. I provide a questionnaire that helps you (and myself) plan out the perfect timeline. Once completed, we can create a timeline that I'll send over how the day will play out.

I'll be in contact with the DJ and wedding coordinator on the day of too, making sure we're right on track!

I'll essentially be another wedding planner assisting you throughout the process of wedding planning!

The most important thing to remember is always ask questions! The better communication we have, the better your timeline will be!


When should I expect to receive our photos?

Depending on the coverage you book with me it can range between 8 and 12 weeks.

I always state in my contract 10-14 weeks to ensure myself with enough time to choose and edit the best possible photos!

I'm always uploading photos as I edit them so you're never fully waiting to see some photos!